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We are a Belgian brand, designing leather accessories.

Besides our own brand we design in collaboration for others. We are constantly hunger for new challenges.


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You can find Mayenne's designs for her label in her Mayenne.Shop located in a very nice area in the centre of Ghent. And of course here on our webshop. Through this webshop her designs find their way to all parts of this planet, Japan, United States, Australia, Dubai and more.

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We are experienced in working for other labels, bars and restaurants. We make a personalized design that will blend right in with your concept. Our designs are unique and made in Belgium.

You can find more info about our collaborations here. We will just drop some names to trigger you curiosity: Cafe costume, Vascobelo V-bar, Elckerlijc, Curfew, Baar, Dewar's, Flemish food bash.

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In case of interest, feel free to contact us.

For a personalized design a minimum of 10 pieces is required.

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If you are a retailer and want to sell our designs;

We would love to hear from you.


Please contact:




mayenne nelen x baar

(restaurant/club Ghent BE)

colourful holster bags, worn by the bartenders


mayenne nelen x v-bar vascobelo

(Antwerp BE)

personalized classy leather suspenders with pockets worn by the barristas


mayenne nelen x curfew

(cocktailbar Copenhagen DK)

laser engraved suspenders with flask holders worn by the bartenders


mayenne nelen x elckerlijc

(restaurant Maldegem BE)

personalized leather suspenders with pockets for bottle opener.


mayenne nelen x dewar

(scotch SCO)

personalized leather folders for promo


mayenne nelen x uncle babe’s

(restaurant Ghent, BE)

personalized leather table covers


mayenne nelen x whitecat

(club Ghent, BE)

personalized suspenders with pocket for notebook and bottleopener.


mayenne nelen x café costume

(tailoring a la carte BE)

suspenders and laserengraved belts


mayenne nelen x Flemish foodbash

leather details and on the shirts for the chef’s


mayenne nelen x sans cravate

leather suspenders for the waiters


mayenne nelen x Jworks

leather suspenders with personalized pockets


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